Good morning (hoping you’re reading this in the morning). Some good news to share. But first, I must tell you the truth that this good news sprouted out of a rejection. I applied for a big thing that I was confident I would get and then I didn’t get it…

My favorite movies are ones where someone turns an adversity or a weakness or a disability or being an outcast into a source of strength. My favorite heroes are the zero to hero ones, the grass to grace ones and the ones who made it in spite of the odds/environment.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of UrBizEdge’s Personalized for me, this special pack allows you to pick the topics/areas you want to master in Excel and Power BI to achieve your objectives and aspirations. You will also have a trainer take you through applying these to your reports…

Last month I installed the new Windows 11 on my Dell XPS 15 and it’s been all wow. The look and features of Windows 11 are very impressive.

It brings the same beautiful look and slick appearance people always say make Mac a more lovely OS than Windows.

This past two weeks I hooked up my Razer Blade Pro 17 model 2020 to Nicehash and have been mining crypto at the rate of about $2.5/day

So far I have made $15.49 from about 8 days of leaving my laptop to mine overnight when I am done with work…

How would you like to learn from industry experts from around the globe every week, investing just 1 hour each Sunday afternoon/evening?

Is it free?

Yes and you get to win prizes from our sponsors. Prizes that range from $100 cash/coupon, mentorship, training resources, training coupons and physical gift items.

I am the one at the far left

Come join us and 30+ other presenters and enjoy 4 days (6–9 Feb 2021) of Excel goodness.

Grab your ticket at

We got a new neighbour last year November. One of the members of the household is a professional chef. He agreed to teach me how to cook intercontinental meals. We have done some classes in December. I have augmented my learning with some books and YouTube.

Result. I have been…

Happy new year! And we (UrBizEdge) have been lucky to get Bill Jelen (whom I consider the most popular Microsoft Excel legend) to be our special guest this coming Sunday.

You can RSVP at

It will be a very open and interactive session.

This year I am becoming more deliberate with planning and following through with the plans made. I think I have been too unstructured and spontaneous in many of my business and personal dealings.

And you, what big change are you making this year?

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Microsoft is doing us a special honor. Three managers from the Excel team at Microsoft HQ are going to be guest presenters at our Dec 6, 2020 live meetup session. …

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